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Review Of The Book: Growing Up Without Shame by Dennis Craig

Growing Up Without Shame is Published Novel composed by: Dennis Craig Smith and William Sparks.Topanga: Elysium Growth Press. 1986
Review of The Nudist Publication:
Growing Up Without Shame - The book Growing Up Without Shame explores the read more...

7 months ago

It's Time for Naturist Clubs to Alter Their Policies on Genital Jewelry

There's an issue in the nudist world that's long been troubling us as an organization that bases our values on acceptance. It is the dilemma of naturist clubs and naturist resorts that bar entry to individuals with body and genital jewelry.
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fish and by taking nutritional supplements. But many specialists consider the sun is a better
source of D because your body may not absorb an adequate amount of this nutrient
from foods or nutritional supplements. But you will not get enou read more...

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The Latest Naked News Brought To You By FKK

In this naked news roundup, we have got some stories on naked beach controversy, states that haven't legalized public breastfeeding, and why some individuals can't stand to see happy, fat folks.
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The Almost New Jersey Nude Years Eve Bash

After weeks of organizing, encouraging and working around the clock to bring to fruition our most legendary FKK occasion yet, Naked Years Eve was virtually nonexistent. Around 1pm on Saturday, the authorities informed us that if we had the event t read more...